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Assorted Dolls
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Life`s Little Treasures, soft sculpture dolls designed with love.

Assorted Dolls

Each doll is unique and individually hand-crafted with love and care and signed by Phyllis. We guarantee you will be truly delighted or 100% of your money will be refunded (less shipping), if the doll is returned within 14 days.

Life`s Little Treasures brings the magic of soft sculptured dolls to you.

Most of our 17" dolls range from $46.95 for the grannies and grandpas to $69.95 for most of the santas. Call for a price quote. We have hundreds of handcrafted gifts for $20.00 and under.

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Assorted Dolls
Grannies & Grandpas are designed out of coordinating fabrics with calico prints that vary. Tell us your color preference. 
All fur woodsman with snowshoes, approx. 21" 
Hunter riding black bear in camoflage 
Witch, Black, approx. 18" 
Shepherd, approx. 18" 
Woodsman, approx. 18" 
Fisherman, approx. 18" 
White angel, approx. 18" 
Cream Angel, approx. 18" 
Snowman, approx. 18" 
Purple Woman w/ flower print, approx. 18" 
Extra large red velvet Santa sitting 
Burgundy velvet Santa with cream fur 
Santa in crushed red velvet, approx. 18" 
Santa in woolen plaids and sweater and vest, approx. 32" 
Nice Santa, real fur, knit hat 
Santa, nice mink outfit, approx. 18" 
Santa, middle size, gold trim holding lantern, burgundy, real black fur, gold, approx. 21" 
Father Christmas, approx. 18" 
Large Santa with lips sitting down 
Santa in all black furry and wavy velvet 
Mr. and Mrs. Santa on white, set, approx 18" 
Santa riding black bear 
White Santa riding white bear 
Skiing Santa with skis and sign, approx 18" 
Santa soaking feet, includes chair, approx 18"-20" 
Sports Santa, approx 18" 
Motorcycle Santa, approx. 18" 
Gardening Santa, approx. 18" 
Santa wreath, approx. 24" 
Birdhouse Santa, approx. 18" 
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